Authors submitting to the Journal of Neurophysiology (JN) may submit papers that have been previously posted to a preprint server (e.g., arXiv, bioRxiv, and PeerJ Preprints) or other non-peer-reviewed website. Once you have submitted your manuscript to JN, it may not subsequently be posted to a preprint server in any version. If your manuscript receives a final reject decision at JN or if you formally notify the journal that you wish to withdraw it from editorial consideration at JN, this restriction is then lifted.


Authors submitting manuscripts to a preprint server must retain the copyright to their work, which can then be transferred to the APS if a later version of the work is accepted by an APS journal. Questions about whether a particular preprint server venue is allowed under this rule should be addressed to the JN Editor in Chief, Bill Yates.


Authors will be asked at submission to disclose in their cover letter whether their manuscript has been posted to a preprint server, to identify the preprint server and the Digital Object Identified (DOI) associated with the preprint server and to provide a file of the most recent version of, or a working link to, the posting.


This is a trial exception to APS policy that applies to submissions to Journal of Neurophysiology through April 2017 and subject to change thereafter.